High Speed Team Building

 I recently discovered the value of outside the office team building experiences after the Final Four.  The Salesby5 team spent hours together on Saturday, working until the game started, and then playing until late in the night.  After volunteering, we all changed into comfortable clothes.  For the first time, we spent time together as people, not colleagues.  We got to see each other’s humor, intelligence, and overall personality.  When we came to work on Monday, we all had a better idea of what kind of people we all are.  We had shared an experience as a team that gave us closeness and trust.

Team building experiences bond employees together in a way that makes work more fun.  When we look forward to coming to work, our attitude is remarkably different.  When we are comfortable around our co-workers, we don’t shy from communication.  We then have the room to play to our strengths, share our weaknesses, and work together.

By the way, I am Sarah, the newest member of the Salesby5 team!

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