3 Ways to Use Twitter That Are Out of the Norm

You may or may not be familiar with Twitter.  If not, check out the video below.  The basic premise is that you answer one simple question – “What are you doing?” and you only have 140 characters to do so.  Here are 3 great ways that companies and organizations are building value in their brand by using Twitter in unconventional ways.

1.  Zappos.com, the amazing online shoe store, uses Twitter as a method to communicate with people talking about them.  They made the decision to actively engage with folks on Twitter and they are gaining steam in doing so.  They get to tell their story and people are growing personally attached.  Even Tony, the CEO, is in on it.  At present, there are 439 Zappos.com employees on Twitter.  Last night, 10 lucky followers of Tony were invited to join the Zappos gang at The Palms hotel for a 3,000 person party – with penguins!

2. Church can be many different things – fun, boring, insightful, etc.  Interactive isn’t usually an adjective that is used to describe church, though.  Imagine Fellowship, here in San Antonio, is doing things a bit differently.  They are using Twitter during the message in church on Sunday morning, where people can comment on the music, message and anything else they experience.  The use of Twitter has expanded the relationships throughout the week and people are connecting that may not have otherwise connected on Sundays.

3. BlackBerryCool.com is a world class blog that frequently travels throughout North America attending conferences for BlackBerry and other mobile devices.  Many BlackBerryCool.com readers are known to visit the site numerous times throughout the day searching for the latest updates and product releases, especially during these conferences.  Twitter allows BlackBerryCool.com to constantly inform their readers throughout a conference with minute-by-minute updates without the need of a laptop to create an entire blog post.  It is a great filler between larger written pieces.

What amazing way can you use Twitter to better build engagement with your brand?

Twitter in Plain English from leelefever on Vimeo.

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