Marketing is Artillery, Sales is Infantry

Years ago an author wrote about marketing being artillery, sales being infantry and it taking both to win!

Today: You need weapons of mass persuasion, but they need not be the old fashioned “tri-fold brochure” or the “pamphlet.”  These marketing elements can be less about mailing and more about getting people to talk. Perhaps giving them a reason to talk about you or your company can be artillery and when you add masses of people focused in the same direction with this message, you have gained your infantry. I love this analogy because it solves a common problem we see; too many companies and organizations think that it is about the “sales manager/person” versus the team.  People sell people or people un-sell people.  At work or during leisurely activities, we sell or we un-sell.  Add many people doing either and you have an infantry.  Is your infantry selling or un-selling?

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