Why Read This Blog?

With thousands of messages in your head in 24 hours from “I need to call Mom” to “I need to go to the restroom,” we have so much clutter.  A bit of clarity on what we should be doing everyday really matters. Yes, call mom! Then, how many customers can you call and see what their hurdles are and how you can help?  If you have a product-based business, see what your company is missing from being able to satisfy or bonus your clients. If the answer is service, you have it easy, as all you need to do is ask! A great example is pest control.  “Have you seen any ants or cockroaches?”  Yes?  “We will be there tomorrow!”  No?  “Great, what we are doing is working and we will be there next week to keep this up.”

Why do we write this blog?  The purpose of SalesBy5 is to inspire others.  Our focus is dramatically increasing sales for companies and organizations. If each day with this blog we help one person sell more with less effort or inspire others, we have fulfilled our daily duty.  Let us know if we have done this for you!

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