Two Way Communications In Restaurants

Hello again from San Francisco!  We are at CTIA, one of the largest wireless conventions in the United States where we are exposing ourselves to great people and stimuli for the benefit of our clients. Yesterday we had dinner at The Franciscan, a seafood restaurant overlooking the bay with Alcatraz in the background. Their menu is also their 50+ page full color cookbook, which turns an expense into revenue, as they sell them for $7.00 each.  This includes a postcard and they’ll ship it to a friend for the cost of postage only.  A menu that is the cookbook and shows all the ingredients is great for more reasons than I can name, but here are a few groups that would appreciate this: lactose intolerant and vegan.  The best part for the restaurant is that it adds revenue and a branding element.

The waiters have wireless devices that allow them to place an order instantly from a table. Why? so they can spend more time out of the kitchen and taking care of the customer! I have not yet seen a wireless device for food servers, but to us, it seems like it should be salt and pepper. Why is it not?  What if your waiter had a two-way device and I had one at the table to communicate with him?  I could let him know I was out of water, had the wrong drink delivered or I’d like to add a salad after all. We asked our server what he thought. He said he has a one-way communication device to send orders to the kitchen and would love it if the kitchen could contact him with a response, but he was even more excited about our idea of the customers being able to interact through his device.  This is all today’s technology. Let’s see it happen! It sells your customer on your service. Someday the higher end restaurants will need to play in this game or be left out in the cold.

The final word on the food from Nan and I? GREAT!

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Chris Moran
Chris Moran

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