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For about six years I have been the only Certified coach in South Texas for Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, an incredibly solid and arguably the best platform for new, old, slow growth or fast growth companies and organizations. This post starts some bite sized chunks that helped The Scooter Store grow to become a nationwide company 8 years sooner than their goal. It helped Rackspace become a fixture in hosting/technology.

The book is not one that you let others borrow, instead, buy them a copy. The book is not meant to be completely understood at first read.  You’ll not be able to put all the initiatives to work at once.  The reason for the bite size chunks is that these are habits to form for you and your team.

Three barriers to growth common among all growing firms: The need for the executive team to grow as leaders in their abilities to delegate and predict; the need for systems and structures to handle the complexity that comes with growth; and the need to navigate the increasingly tricky market dynamics that mark arrival in a larger marketplace.

Bite Size CHUNK #1:

Delegation: Most entrepreneurs actually don’t like working with anyone, including their own employees! This is the major reason why 97% of all firms have less than 10 employees and a vast majority of those have less than three. Therefore, the decision to grow isn’t an easy one. If you can’t afford the people to run the business for you, then all you have is a job. Understanding that many business owners feel they can do everything is true, but what should they be doing? What focus should they have to be able to grow profits, sales, and innovation?

Understanding what your strengths are, not just the activities you are good at but the activities you are the strongest at AND fulfill you, and using them as much as possible each day. The same goes for any employee. Don’t be afraid to try someone that is great at building relationships to be a sales person or a marketer, but measuring how that delegation worked with a simple test is how you know if it is the right delegation or the wrong.

Bite Size Chunk #2:

If you like what you read, imagine a one page strategic plan, yes, one page that provides crystal clear direction for leaders, managers and employees to follow, be guided by and use.  Not only is this a behavior meter but a road map on where your firm is going. We’ve used one for 7 years. The top growth firms even in tough times use this and we feel it is the kept secret in business. For more info on this visit:

To purchase or review the book: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

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