Focus Your Lens, Help Others

In photography, you’ll find endless types of lenses. Interestingly, you can be standing in the exact same spot but different lenses will capture varying parts of your subject and each can tell a varied story.

In our lives, we find that people are very similar. Each person is going to approach a situation with their own lens. Factors including personal experiences, education, abilities, limitations, friends, family will all help shape a persons lens. At a basic level, it’s important to recognize that people simply have different lenses with which they see the world. This will help you develop patience when someone’s lens is conflicting with yours. The faster you can remember this in a situation, the easier it will be to overcome and succeed. Once you’ve recognized these different lenses, the next step is to recognize how to help people leverage their lens. Where is the best place to put that person to excel, helping propel them to greater success? Pay attention to their feedback when you’re doing this to ensure that you’re helping them play to their strengths.

Recognizing your lens of how you view the world, doing the same in others and helping position those people will drive your success as well as those around you.

Photos by Paul Ackerley

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