What Do You Sell Yourself On?

Every day, millions of people sell themselves on the choices that they make each hour or moment in their lives. What are you selling yourself on right now?

Sex? Food? A break? Leaving your spouse or significant other? Moving residences or jobs? Every day we sell ourselves on or allow others to sell us on decisions that we make, without thinking about all of the consequences.

There are many reasons for us to sell ourselves or others on something, even if they’re not good reasons. Often, this can result in buyer’s remorse– What was I thinking? Just this once? I know better, but this is ok because it looks good?

Here’s what I took away…

Is sales simple?


We sell! Whether I’m selling a behavior or choice to myself or to someone else, we are all capable of selling people on something bad or un-selling something good.

What are you selling yourself on?

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