“Why” Sells!

Don’t Slam on the Brakes, But Pay Attention to Stop Signs

Stopping an action can be good as long as there is a good reason ‘why’ backing you up.

  • If other people are are affected by the stop process, first warn them, (brake lights) and then tell them why.

People are much more likely to be open to your decision if you explain your thoughts.  Surprising people with unexpected decisions can immediately put you in a negative light, since it takes time to adjust to change.


Use a Turn Signal

Turning in a new direction can be good also, but change is hard to accept.

  • Prepare others for the change by warning them (turn signal) and telling them why you’re taking new action.

Why give a ‘why’? Your behaviors can drastically change how others perceive the actions you take. Blindsiding people involved in your actions can weaken support for your ideas, instead of building a strong foundation of supporters. Every new idea and change needs support.

  • If you are telling the world something, tell them why!
  • ‘Why means more than ‘what’ when explaining your idea!
  • ‘Why’ is our reason to believe, to live, to love, to care, share, see and feel!

Erik Darmstetter, CEO Salesby5

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