Are You Listening Like You Want to be Listened To?

I was reading Spirit magazine on a Southwest flight recently and came across these survey facts by IJL (It’s just lunch).

What are the easiest/best topic for conversation on a first date?
51.6% Hobbies/interests
24.4% Travel
9.7% Family
8.4% Movies
5.9% Food

What is the biggest “don’t” on a first date?

39.83% talking about an “ex”.
35.38% using cell phone, texting, etc.
19.23% Not making eye contact.
3.23% Name dropping
2.33% Talking business/Money/Career.

We un-sell others by assuming we know what they want to hear, and by making the conversation all about us. Listening and asking questions is key to building lasting relationships! Do you listen the way you want people to listen to you?

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