Greatest Business Decision: Alnoor Kassam

While at the recent Fortune Growth Summit, Erik Darmstetter and Nan Palmero spoke with innovative business leaders. Each one was asked: What is your greatest business decision? This is the first of many responses.
Alnoor Kassam, Gazelles Coach Filmed by Nan Palmero, CIO
I am a Gazelles Coach in Mexico City. When I was 22, my parents owned a gas station from when I was a kid, and always gave cash on credit. From the 15th to the 5th, we had a cash flow problem. My parents went on a trip to England for 3 months. They day they left, I closed off a bunch of credit accounts. Our volume went down 40%, but it was easy to make up. I reached out to big buyers with incentives and got a lot of response. I have used that model many many times in other businesses, and increased my cash flow, solving the cash flow problem.

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