The Benefits of Secret Shopping

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During my first week as an intern at Sales by 5, the largest task assigned to me was secret shopping for a client. What is secret shopping? It’s when someone is hired to pose as a customer in order to evaluate the quality of the goods or services provided.

When some hear about this way of gathering information they see it as “tricking” their employees. However, it is a tool to measure the quality of service that is truly being provided to its customers. From past and recent experiences secret shopping, I can tell you that the level of honesty on the services provided from a company increases when they do not know you are representing a firm, and believe you are an everyday customer.

Secret shopping is also a useful marketing tool when trying to gather information about a company’s competitors and the consistency of customer service that’s being provided by a company. Now with Sales by 5, I saw it used to measure the effectiveness of sales training. This strategy helped the employees understand where they were, and where they needed to be. So is secret shopping useful? We can say it is increasing positive experiences with company’s customer base.

Kendall DeWall
PR Producer

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