Makeover Complete

After weeks of toiling away at codes and photoshopping our team into perfection, we’re proud to reveal a new! We scrubbed the parts of our site that make it hard to understand what we do and created new bits to highlight our strengths as sales consultants. Our expert marketing and sales consultants empower your sales team. Our proven sales workshops give our clients the best tools for growth. We attend top growth conferences annually to learn the most successful sales and marketing techniques in the world. Don’t believe us? Read local San Antonio and national Fortune 500 testimonials.

Selling is the transfer of trust. CEO Erik Darmstetter and CIO Nan Palmero coach our clients’ staff on what behaviors and communications build trust (aka. “sell, cause happiness, meet people’s needs”), and how to stop the behaviors that lose trust (aka. “un-sell, cause anger, frustrate others”). One of Erik’s most popular sales workshops is Sales and Dating: The Same Rules Apply (because sales doesn’t end at the office).

To find out more about us, or to receive 10 minutes of brainstorming as our gift to you, call us at 210-823-3744, or email at

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