Goodbye Neil Armstrong

Salesby5 Team with Neil Armstrong

Salesby5 team with Neil Armstrong at Legacy 2010.

Very sad this humble man has passed! He was incredible to be around and when he spoke to us at an event in 2010, he told us that he never thought of himself as a hero. He did his job and as a proud American. We were told not to take photos of him but lovely Hayley Diamond and her incredible personality led Neil into wanting to take photos with many versus ZERO. I am Proud that Salesby5 created this event and managed it. I am proud of Kristina Kay Lindsey, Choco M Valdez, and the rest of our team for building and making this IMPECCABLE: Nan Palmero, Kyle Derr, Jay Griggs, Kristen ‘Oliver’ Wake, Tami ‘Tydlacka’ Gomez, Erica Schmid, A lifetime achievement award for coolness!

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