Don’t be Afraid to Tweet

Don't be Afraid to Tweet
There are a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to social media. Many people blur the lines between their professional self and their personal opinions. 3 panelists at the recent “Act Right Online” Young Professionals event gave great advice on how to use Twitter successfully.

1. Molly Cox,Owner, non-profit FancyPants:

“Make sure you are always speaking in the right voice.” Own what you say.

2. Elizabeth Anderson, Social Media Strategist of The Deberry Group:

“Treat online like it’s lunch.” Be yourself, but have some boundaries.

3. Nan Palmero, Top graded Twitter user and CIO of Sales By 5:

“Don’t be afraid to tweet. Don’t let what we’ve said discourage you in any way from experimenting with your online voice.” Just because you have to think about what you say doesn’t mean you should stop talking.

Ellie Leeper of Downtown Alliance summed it up well in her article on the event entitled Navigating the Social Stratosphere: Branding Yourself Online –  Online, “be passionate, personable, professional, but don’t share your political preferences, and keep last night’s crazy party to yourself.”

Employers and the world are looking at what you say as part of your personal brand. Do you think before you tweet?

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