The Death of Voicemail

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A returned call is one of the hardest things to get today in 2012.
Why? Our recent polling of clients and friends shows that only 1 person in 10 likes or wants to receive a voicemail! Does that extend to getting calls too? YES. People just don’t like phone calls. Telemarketers and overzealous sales people as well as automated calls ruined the phone.

So what do people want? 90% of them want an email, or if they know you, a text.

What can you do? Spend your time getting to know e-mail addresses instead of phone numbers. Stop calling and stop leaving voicemails until you know how people want to be reached.

How do you do it? Getting an e-mail these days is very easy. If you call a prospect and get a receptionist, ask her how to spell the name of the person you are trying to reach. Then ask if the e-mail is first initial.last If the receptionist will not tell you, google! Look up and see what comes up, as most companies standardize their email address format.

We all used to use the phone and in person to do business. Now I cringe when the phone rings. Silly? Yes, but it happened. We need to adapt fast and ask people how they like to communicate to avoid leaving voicemails that are never returned.

-Written by Erik Darmstetter, Business Growth Expert at Salesby5

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