Sales Trends 2012- Getting Past the Gatekeeper, Mobile Payments

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Sales Trends 2012 December Newsletter

Getting Past the Gatekeeper — Instead of fighting to get past the front desk person, build a relationship with them. Often highly motivated and under-valued, these office “gatekeepers” are going places, and if you play your cards right, they’ll take you along for the ride.

Here are the action steps to build a relationship with the gatekeeper:

1. Assess the front desk. Smile.

2. Introduce yourself to the gatekeeper by name and shake hands.

3. Be a human being, not a sales auto-pilot. Build a relationship.

-Ask, “How is your day going?”And LISTEN.

– Observe the desk. Cute kid? Find a connection and start a conversation.

4. Gather intel and show interest. Ask, “How is your company different in your industry?” Show the gatekeeper you value their opinion.

5. Tell the gatekeeper what you do, and how you’re different in your industry. Give them enough information to introduce you, not just send you blindly to a decision maker.

6. Nurture the relationship like you would with a client. If the gatekeeper has a good experience, they will recommend you. (And they tend to be motivated and well connected with other gatekeepers.)

The Death of Voicemail — Our recent polling of clients and friends shows that only 1 person in 10 likes or wants to receive a voicemail. So what do people want? 90% of them want an email, or if they know you, a text. We used to use the phone and face to face meetings to do business. Now I often cringe when the phone rings (telemarketers have ruined the phone for me). Silly? Yes, but we need to adapt fast and ask people how they like to communicate to avoid leaving voicemails that are never returned. See the whole blog below.

Sales Trends  2012– If you are not using your mobile device to collect payment and send receipts to your customers, you might be missing out on potential sales!On Tuesday Dec. 4th, Nan Palmero, Business Growth Expert presented on mobile device payment options at Accion Lending and Learning Center in San Antonio.

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