Is Your Team Evolving with the Industry?

Sales has changed! But has the training or the trainers?  “In the last 10 years, most things have changed in selling” – Author, Dan Pink.  As Dan elaborates it used to be ABC or Always Be Closing but now it’s Attunement, Buoyancy, and Clarity. The realization years ago that the seller having the power of knowledge, from the new info on cars you were looking at to the house you might be looking to buy, no longer holds true has initiated this change. Now the buyer has all the info and more, including what everyone that purchased that type of house or car think about it and what they paid.


One of the areas that draws our concern is what our clients are reading. Is it relevant today? Is what you’re reading now new data? Or, is it a book written in the 90s on sales or leadership without the tools and rules of today? Powerful data from a recent Fortune Leadership Summit reveals the top 7 words that 7000 people used to describe sales people:








If your sales people have sales in their title, it’s time to change their title. Everyone sells or un-sells but having a title that is associated with these words pre un-sells!

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Dan Minnich
Dan Minnich

Your personal sales career may have changed its focus but there are many sales people that have never ascribed to "Always Be Closing". Personally, I have always been consulting, once I learned to put the needs of the client ahead of my own interests and assist the client in the buying process.