The 3 Minute Appointment Strategy

It’s common knowledge that to be successful in business you need a strategy. Did you know the same applies to scheduling appointments with prospects?  You probably have an ironclad process, but it’s not a strategy.

Prospects aren’t always available when you are, therefore you need to find a way to get onto their calendar.  First, request a meeting for 3 minutes at an odd time, for example 11:27 am.  You have now branded yourself in that person’s mind as a person who cares about time and precision.  Secondly, promote your value and how you’re going to help them improve their business.  Be strategic about selling yourself.  You must have a benefit to this person and it must be overt.  You also need a hook or a dramatic difference that will set you apart.  Being strategic about this process will help you establish yourself as a person of high value who is dependable.

Once you are in the door, keep your promise.  Arrive promptly, keep your conversation to 3 minutes and offer to leave at the end of the 3 minutes.  “You have graciously provided me the 3 minutes you promised, thank you.  I know you are busy.  Would you like to continue speaking now or shall we arrange a meeting for a future date when we have a little more time?”  Typically, if you brought value to that person, you will be invited to continue the conversation. Those 3 minutes can turn into 45 fast and they do nearly every time!  The least we have seen is 3 minutes turning into 30 minutes.


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