Team Huddle

Communicate like top growth companies by leading your team in a daily huddle.  Team huddles drive employees to succeed because it helps them focus on opportunities, resolve problems through collaboration, and it renews their energy through team support and participation.

The agenda for your team huddle consists of three items which are to be followed daily:

● News Top                ● Top 3 /Daily Measures                     ● Hurdles


In the first few minutes, each attendee shares “what’s up” during the next 24 hours. This lets people immediately sense conflicts, crossed agendas and missed opportunities. The key is to highlight specifics without relaying one’s “to do” list.

Top 3/Daily Measures

Next, review the daily measurements your company uses to track its progress, highlighting any unusual trends. Or, if you have a high speed time sensitive environment, have each person state their Top 3 priorities.


Lastly, have each person relay their concerns, struggles or fears because “until the mouth runs, the brain won’t engage.”  The idea is to identify the hurdles so team members can contribute to the resolution. Don’t allow this to drift into a problem-solving pow-wow. It’s all right for a few quick suggestions but not beyond that. The issue can be “taken offline” to be addressed in detail later.

On the flipside, if someone reports that “everything is fine!” or “no hurdles today,” dig a little deeper to make sure they aren’t stuck on something.  Doing so could prevent a bottleneck in the sales flow.

Allow 10-15 minutes for your team to review and relay in the huddle, then let them roll out of there to take care of business. ■


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