Ask the Right Person

A trending dilemma I’m seeing is people over thinking problems, relationships, dating, employees, or just life!  As a coach to many CEOs and C-levels, I’ve noticed processing time on human issues taking too much time, effort and over thinking. The most important question a CEO can ask is “What do you think?”  Not because she/he does not know, but because she/he cares.

The over thinking I feel, develops when we’re children or in our teens. We don’t know the answers and we don’t have a mentor or coach we can ask. At 14, when I was “in like” with a girl, I was completely clueless and accepted advice from other 14-year-olds who knew nothing. When everything failed, I spent time over thinking my situation.  The real reason for this is because I didn’t have a pro or someone I could get the answers from. Today, I work with sales people who say they never get call backs or can’t get an email returned.  Their co-workers confirm the same experience and suggest tactics that they’ve never actually tried.  It’s like we’re 14 again ― all Joes and no pros.

The coaching and advice we provide our clients and friends work because we know the tactics which fail and which succeed. Give us a challenge at


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