Checking In

Organizers of the 2013 Plantscape Industry Expo (PIE) graciously invited Erik Darmstetter, Salesby5’s CEO to present insights, tools and tips for increasing sales for professionals in the interior plant industry.  Being the featured sales and marketing expert to lecture at the conference this week, Erik will be teaching interior plant store owners, plant suppliers, designers and industry affiliates proven techniques for selling their products and services.

Check Point

Many experienced sales and marketing professionals will be surprised to know the true secrets to getting sales by 5 p.m. Being that Erik will be sharing this information with PIE attendees, this inspired us to check in with you.

  • Is your process for warm leads effective?
  • Does it take a little or a lot of effort to make sales?
  • Are there activities you’re doing that may be hindering your chances of success?
  • Can you clearly state your company’s true benefit in 10 seconds or less?
  • Do you know how your offering is dramatically different?

The Element of Trust

All of us are in sales on some level. We’re either selling or we’re asking for buy in, at work or at home. No matter how you slice it, you’re likely to be asking someone for something.

  • Does the language you’re using to sell establish trust quickly?
  • Do you have behaviors that un-sell?
  • Are you asking the right questions?
  • What are you doing to build trust in relationships?

We’ve discovered that sales and dating share a common thread: the rules.  The focus of sales and dating is the transfer of trust, therefore the same rules apply to both. ■

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