Do you talk too much?

For over 20 years it has been the biggest problem with sales people (all of us)! Show up and throw up versus ask great questions.  And then be interested versus interesting! Dr. Mark Goulston’s short video on YouTube is excellent for everyone.

The point is you have 20 seconds to talk/ask questions and then it is the other person’s turn.  This is not a sales pitch time frame, that is 10 seconds.  This is a balance of conversation between two people.  Check out the video and then try it.  I tried it on a date recently and it was simple, but not easy.

Bored Beyond Belief

For more insight on how you might be un-selling, check out my contribution to NSIDE Magazine’s most recent edition.  The article is featured on page 48 and sheds light on the little things you do that either sell or un-sell.

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