Living the Brand – Miner Corporation

A story of the Miner Corporation and branding that will knock your knee-high socks off! Nan Palmero and I took two cameras and about an hour to visit the first Salesby5 client from March, 1st 2002! We wanted to see how the branding has not only lasted over 12 years, but also grown in the hearts and minds of their team. When we created the branding concepts, it was a massive change for the company and its six divisions. I went to each city to help integrate and fuel the change with the CEO and their Marketing Director, Melissa Albright. Take a look at what you see. We have toured Google, Dell, Rackspace and other giants but have never seen a mid-sized company do branding internally and externally to this level of excellence.

Nan-Palmero_EK-GN120A_10 mm_20140214

Nan-Palmero_Canon EOS 7D_10 mm_20140214-8

Nan-Palmero_Canon EOS 7D_10 mm_20140214-7

Nan-Palmero_Canon EOS 7D_13 mm_20140214

Nan-Palmero_Canon EOS 7D_14 mm_20140214

Nan-Palmero_EK-GN120A_10 mm_20140214-5

Nan-Palmero_EK-GN120A_10 mm_20140214-16

Nan-Palmero_Canon EOS 7D_10 mm_20140214-3

Nan-Palmero_Canon EOS 7D_10 mm_20140214-4

Nan-Palmero_Canon EOS 7D_13 mm_20140214-2

Nan-Palmero_Canon EOS 7D_16 mm_20140214

Nan-Palmero_Canon EOS 7D_22 mm_20140214

Nan-Palmero_EK-GN120A_10 mm_20140214-15

Nan-Palmero_EK-GN120A_10 mm_20140214-11

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