Business Growth Sessions

Signature Workshop

Communicate your core values, goals, and priorities. Learn to work smarter and grow faster by getting your team motivated to live their strengths. 2 half day sessions of our most popular workshops and six weeks of follow up to help implement ideas.

Individual Workshops

Our Business Growth curriculum teaches proven growth habits your team can use immediately. Our sessions are customized for your exact needs.

Management & Leadership Tools

  • Team Building
  • Overt Benefit, Reason to Believe, Dramatic Difference
  • Eliminating De-Motivation
  • Huddles

Strategic Growth Planning & Facilitation

  • Opportunities & Threats
  • Growth Targets & One Year Plan
  • Brand Promise
  • 3-5 Year Sandbox
  • Specify “Smart Numbers”

Sales & Customer Service Training 

  • The Secrets to Getting Sales by 5 pm
  • Sales and Dating: The Same Rules Apply
  • Core Values, Company Purpose Introduction
  • Mastering Your 10 Second Pitch
  • Un-Selling
  • Cold Calls, Callbacks, and Lead Optimization
  • How to Eliminate Your Competitor 
  • Getting Past the Gatekeeper
  • Asking Questions That Sell
  • Sales Role Play
  • One-On-Ones with Salesby5
  • Social Media: Branding
  • High Touch Customer Service

Speaking Samples

Erik – Starting Up a Business – Great Day SA

Erik- Un-Selling: What Not to Do

Erik-Dating & Sales, The 10-Second Pitch