Business Growth Workshop

Is this workshop for you? Yes, if you want to reduce the time you spend on business management, align your people for growth, and execute with ease. It will be the best 2 days you invest in of the year. Our popular growth session is a 2 half day workshop. Get your team on the same page to grow quickly, work smarter, and reach your goals faster.

Day 1: Core Values & Strategic Planning (12 – 5 PM)

  • Core Values Exercise – Learn to communicate your company values to staff and customers and how to live them daily in all decisions. These core values are behaviors that you hire and fire for.
  • Vision and BHAG: Uncover the vision and the BHAG 10-15 years out
  • Purpose: Uncover the purpose of the organization. The WHY!
  • Growth Targets & One Year Plan: Identify key initiatives for the quarter, year, and next 3-5 years that align with a BHAG. Develop individual accountability.
  • Brand Promise: Identify 3 key actions you can promise customers.
  • Specify “Smart Numbers”: Identify 3 key metrics to measure goal progress. Get employees on board with daily and weekly metrics that drive their performance.
  • Introduction to Strengths in the work place. A team building session! (1.25 hours)

Day 2: Priorities, Implementation (12 – 4:30 PM) 

  • Revisit Day 1
  • Work through opportunities for growth
  • Work through the top priorities for Quarter and assign accountability to all employees
  • How to implement the one page plan, core values, brand promise.
  • Developing awesome meetings! Huddle training ‐ Drive a simple 5-7 minute daily meeting that leads your team to success.
  • Communication Rhythms: Develop practical and efficient regular meeting rhythms to keep meetings short and effective

Includes 4 weekly phone meetings to help with implementation.