Dating and Sales: The Same Rules Apply

The focus of both sales and dating is the transfer of trust.
You will learn:

  • Language that sells and produces trust faster and more effectively
  • Behaviors that un-sell in sales, dating, and family relationships at home
  • How to build trust by asking the right questions
  • How to gain interest by describing your value, overt benefit, and dramatic difference effectively

Thanks for the fabulous presentation. I loved the comparison between dating and selling! I’m sure a male would be fascinated with the concept as well. –Bea Rivas, Heritage Planning Group

You have 5-7 minutes to get a date. A ‘date’ can be the next meeting with a prospect, an attractive person’s number- or even the promise of a family member (think spouse or child) to spend time with you. After 7 minutes of talking, each minute longer you go on increases the risk of the other person losing interest in you.

You un-sell yourself by not asking the right questions or taking too long to establish your benefit. Here at Salesby5, we call this the “show up and throw up”– don’t worry, you’re not alone- most people do this.

Think about it- at the network mixer, you risk losing prospect attention if they see a friend or customer. At the bar, your ideal person may see a friend who “saves ” him/her. Worst of all, you may get pushed aside by someone better at selling themselves. At home- your kids are busy with school and friends, your spouse or significant other is trying to do 3 things at once, and everyone’s time is precious. Don’t miss out on time you could have by not asking the right questions and gaining interest. We can show you how.

Why dating? The audience perks up and listens with super intensity when the topic is fun. Everybody understands dating when we break it down– and then they see how it applies to sales.

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