Team Building Workshops

Signature Team Building Workshop (1.5 hours + followup)

The most successful teams are made up of individuals who spend the majority of their workdays inquisitive, focused and fulfilled. We will give you the tools you need to align everyone towards a common purpose.The most critical step towards becoming a strengths-based organization is to find out what stops people from using their strengths, and to help them overcome those barriers.

The Benefits You’ll Receive

  • Employees who have identified their strengths and can leverage them to make a greater contribution to the team, company and customers.
  • A coaching culture in which employees take increased responsibility for their development and performance.
  • Employees who are more engaged, fulfilled and effective, leading to lower turnover.
  • Open dialogue between employees and managers, yielding higher trust.
  • A career-development outlook that better aligns employee strengths with corporate goals.
  • More efficient, cohesive teams whose members are more focused and accountable.
  • Better perspective on hiring needs, and a greater ability to attract.

Eliminating De-Motivation Workshop (1 hour)

Hiring motivated people and training them on how not to de-motivate will take your company from good to great, according to Jim Collins. We uncover demotivating elements in your company and help you build a ‘stop-doing’ list.

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