Un-Selling: What Not to Do

Un-selling: The opposite of selling. The behaviors that stop us from the landing the big sale, wowing our family and friends, and impressing our spouses.

There is lots of training on how to sell- marketing seminars, sales gurus, popular sales techniques. But we’re here to tell you that learning what un-sells is just as important.  Out of hundreds of communications with someone, do you always remember all the things they did right- or the things they did wrong?

We provide training on the most common ways of unselling, including:

Media: Texts, emails, and instant messages.
Verbal Communications: Phone calls, meetings, and everyday office interactions.
Non-Verbal Communications: Gestures, appearance, and behaviors.

Inappropriate communications can un-sell a company, spouse, child, co-worker, boss, and of course a potential or current customer.  A rude sales person can make a customer walk away and never come back. A spouse who doesn’t show love and care for their partner can ruin a marriage. A parent who doesn’t listen or have time to talk can confuse and hurt their child. We show you how to recognize these behaviors and remove them from your life.

By knowing what not to do, you will uplift everyone at your office, at your home, and in your love life. Your family will marvel at how well you know and love them. Your significant other will be proud that you are together. Your sales staff  can focus on positive and professional behaviors and create amazing experiences for your customers.

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