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Everything Matters!

Everything Matters!

What if you worked at a company, in any capacity, and the way people looked, talked, and acted sold you or unsold you? What if you had children or a spouse and the way you talked to them, looked at them, spent time with them, and lived with them sold them or unsold them on […]

Land a Tough Appointment – FAST!

Have you ever tried to get into a meeting with someone who you know could propel your life/career/project but they were always too busy?  You asked if you could get "squeezed into their calendar soon" with a response from them or their assistant saying they were overbooked already?  Here’s a tip that serves two purposes, […]


Do You Show Up and Throw Up?

Do you show up and throw up?  If someone asks you what you do, is your response long winded?  Are people leaving the conversation before you can ask them the same question in return?  Our “marketing piece” is literally an airline-grade barf bag with a Sales Safety Information card inside of it!  It is remarkable, […]