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Fortune Growth Summit 2013

Fortune Growth Summit 2013

We leave today for  Gazelles Fortune Growth Summit learning the latest data on how to sell and how to grow companies and their people. We will be posting live on: Twitter – Facebook – Follow Nan and Erik at: @nan and @erikdarm Check out the summit thought speakers including Mark Goulston, Dina Dwyer-Owens, and Tony Hsieh. It has never been more […]


Less Is More

A common mistake business owners make is offering a wide range of products or services, with the assumption doing so will appeal to a larger audience.  The idea of being a one stop shop is novel however, offering too much might be hindering revenue. Significant overall sales growth can be realized if you cut your […]

Sales & Dating: Learn How to Sell with Success

March 20th – Sales and Dating: Sell Yourself with Success

Two women are at the bar catching up, and a cheesy looking guy swaggers up. Without introducing himself or asking their names, he immediately says, “Did you just fall from heaven? ‘Cause you must be an angel.” As readers, we’re pretty sure what happens next… discomfort, dismissal, and disappointment- probably some laughter. For those of […]

Front desk

Sales Trends 2012- Getting Past the Gatekeeper, Mobile Payments

Sales Trends 2012 December Newsletter Getting Past the Gatekeeper — Instead of fighting to get past the front desk person, build a relationship with them. Often highly motivated and under-valued, these office “gatekeepers” are going places, and if you play your cards right, they’ll take you along for the ride. Here are the action steps to […]

New Homepage Makeover Complete

After weeks of toiling away at codes and photoshopping our team into perfection, we’re proud to reveal a new! We scrubbed the parts of our site that make it hard to understand what we do and created new bits to highlight our strengths as sales consultants. Our expert marketing and sales consultants empower your […]