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Are You Good At What You Do?

Are You Good At What You Do?

“An astounding 90% of well-formulated strategies fail due to poor execution. Only 5% of employees understand their corporate strategy! Unbelievable! Only 3% of executives think their company is very successful at executing strategies, while 62% think they’re only moderately successful, or worse.” ~ Gary Harpst, Author of the 6 Disciplines Execution Revolution In looking at these […]

Sales & Dating: Learn How to Sell with Success

March 20th – Sales and Dating: Sell Yourself with Success

Two women are at the bar catching up, and a cheesy looking guy swaggers up. Without introducing himself or asking their names, he immediately says, “Did you just fall from heaven? ‘Cause you must be an angel.” As readers, we’re pretty sure what happens next… discomfort, dismissal, and disappointment- probably some laughter. For those of […]

Front desk

Sales Trends 2012- Getting Past the Gatekeeper, Mobile Payments

Sales Trends 2012 December Newsletter Getting Past the Gatekeeper — Instead of fighting to get past the front desk person, build a relationship with them. Often highly motivated and under-valued, these office “gatekeepers” are going places, and if you play your cards right, they’ll take you along for the ride. Here are the action steps to […]

Salesby5 Executive JETPACK Nov. 2012

Salesby5 Executive JETPACK Nov. 2012

Check out our new monthly Executive JETPACK newsletter, covering hot topics in business growth today. Below are some great insights we got after attending the Fortune Growth Summit in October. Crucial Conversations — Ron McMillan, co-author of Crucial Conversations, gave us tools on how to avoid going “silent” or “violent” in conflict driven, high stakes, emotional conversations, as […]

Dating+Sales Oct. 10th 2012

Oct. 09 FREE event- Sales & Dating: The Same Rules Apply

Register now at to attend Sales & Dating : The Same Rules Apply. At this special Downtown Alliance event, CEO Erik Darmstetter will present on how getting new clients is like picking up someone at the bar. The focus of both sales and dating is the transfer of trust. What language sells and produces […]

Don't Show Up and Throw Up

10 Second Pitch Barf Bag

When people ask you what you do, is your response: “Uhhh…”? Or worse, do you spew forth meaningless words? Do people stick their headphones in or roll their eyeballs ironically? For all you word vomiters out there, we made something for you. Our 10 Second Pitch Barf Bag “marketing piece” is an airline-grade barf bag […]