From Blue Clover

“We have been working with Salesby5 for the better part of a year now, and they have coached us on implementing Rockefeller Habits, Strengths Training, and the One Page Strategic Plan and BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). Our results thus far have been nothing short of amazing. Our entire culture has embraced and changed to practicing these vital habits as a growing company. Our walls not only have our creative work, but are also packed with charts and metrics for each department to help everyone see how we are progressing towards the BHAG. Erik is also the epitome of an “idea guy”. He has given us some very creative and effective solutions on how to collect receivables faster, and better responses to our customer surveys. We think Erik’s coaching is so effective that we have brought him in as a strategic partner on new client branding projects to help initiate the process, with the “Jumpstart Your Marketing Brain” seminar, and to coach the client through their Core Values, Purpose, and Brand Promise, as well as the critical numbers with measure them. Thank you, Salesby5, for all of your work and support!”

Ryan Kelly
Blue Clover


“Thank you for such a superb job with our roll out. Your dedication, charm, and ideas made us a better firm. The Elvis idea was you at your best.”

Blue Clover