From Magi Real Estate Services

“Erik Darmstetter is an outstanding leader. His ability to motivate and accomplish goals is amazing. I have seen the incredible marketing he does first hand. He is top of his game. As for a motivator he works with your strengths and skills to make you the very best you can be. I am honored and privileged to know and work with Salesby5.”

Catherine Carruthers
Magi Real Estate Services and Brass Funds



Thank you for spending time with us; it was very educational. I am very grateful for the insight you gave us into ‘ourselves’ and for sharing your experiences with us. Your advice will certainly be beneficial to all who make use of it. I appreciate, too, the help you have me by pointing out my liabilities and addressing ways to correct them. I hope you get to see some results from your efforts. Thank you also for your time and interest. And thank you for making it fun!


Rose O’Dell
Magi Real Estate Services