From Oak Hills Rotary Club

“Brett Ward introduced our speaker [at Rotary Club], Erik Darmstetter.  He is the founder of Salesby5, an organization that specializes in helping companies in their communications with customers (web designs and advertising materials) and, within the organization, with their leadership styles from good to great!).  He wanted to apply this information to Rotary and, more specifically, to individual clubs.

Everyone sells today.  If you’re dating, you are selling self.  If you are an M.D., you are convincing people to take better care of themselves.  If you are a mother/father, you are trying to get good behavior.  In today’s market, your message must be clear and to the point.  You are competing for attention against ipods and iphones, radio and television advertising, etc.  Clarity and brevity of message is therefore very important.  Your message should show that joining Oak Hills Rotary will give great benefit.  If possible, the benefit should be measurable and, when received by the “customer” (new member), should show dramatic difference. It should answer questions like, “Why should I care?” and “What’s in it for me?”

Word of mouth remains the very best form of advertising.  TV and radio advertising rates are rather low in availability to capture new business.”

-Oak Hills Rotary Ramblings February 20, 2009