Tesoro Corporation

Tesoro Corporation Case Study
San Antonio, TX – Headquarters

• Needed a better way to market and sell Tesoro to college students and graduates so they would want internships and jobs at Tesoro
• Extremely high levels of competition in hiring, most of the competitors are doing the same thing, much of which was mundane
• Graphics were plain, uninspiring and dated 20+ years with no appeal to the target
• Messages were cluttered and lacked consistency as well as were overwhelmingly longwinded
• The corporate website was plain, stale and lacked differentiation regarding its careers section

• Designed a campaign with the following elements:
– Tradeshow booth, pull-up banners, t-shirts, on-campus posters, iPod music with iPod giveaway, speaker system, LCD screen/DVD presentation
-Web landing page with 5 page website, constant contact e-mail system, tracking system for interested people, domain addresses for tracking. www.tsocareers.com
-Brochures, What To Do Next cards
-USB flash drives
-Research on Generation Y
-Focus groups
-Hands-on in booth at a career fair
o Interviewing universities, students and competitive analysis

Tesoro recruiting ended up being one of the top visited booths at career fairs in 2007 and 2008 where competition ranged from 30 to 145 companies. Tesoro saw a 400% increase in the applications, inquires and attendance to information sessions.

Don Young, Director of Talent Acquisitions
(210) 828-8484


“Salesby5’s expertise in branding has transformed our College Recruiting program into one that is top-notch in the industry.”

Mark O’Conner
Tesoro Corporation