Thornton Brothers Inc.

Thornton Brothers, Inc. Case Study
Athens, GA

• Saturated market with heavy competition
• No marketing being done
• The need for increased sales
• Poor web site and marketing materials. The competition’s sites were equally poor which provided an excellent opportunity to stand out.
• Bad brochure that offered no overt benefit on services, no reason to believe and no difference from competition
• Secret shopping revealed the verbiage used to communicate was inconsistent and confusing
• Minimal competitive knowledge
• Sales people were unhappy due to high levels of de-motivation
• Internal office errors were keeping sales from being efficient

• Rode with sales people and talked to customers.
• Built testimonials and sound bites that everyone used verbally and in writing. These sound bites clearly articulated Overt Benefit.
• Established brand promise.
• Created a big goal to drive the company in all areas.
• Developed a theme for 2006 to drive sales.
• Held weekly coaching meetings with the CEO.
• Secret shopped Thornton Brothers and their competitors.
• Redesigned their customer service area.
• Set up a tracking system for call originations and reasons for calling.
• Worked with yellow pages for advertising.
• Coached the sales manager.
• Completed a re-brand of the company.
• Developed a direct customer communication tool to drive sales on new products and existing services.
• Created a new website that sells the benefits of the company.

Size of Company Initially: $10 million annual revenue with approximately 40 employees

30%+ increase in sales, increased productivity due to major meeting rhythm changes, increased focus, elimination of sales people who were not living the company’s core values, hiring of employees who fit the core values.

Clay Gilbert, CEO

Clay Gilbert, CEO
706-255-3187 (mobile)