Speaking Topics

Erik Darmstetter delivers powerful messages with tools that motivate positive change in people’s lives, both at work and at home. With 24 years of building, growing, and branding businesses, Erik uses his experience, humor, and enthusiasm to address sales, relationships,  and leadership.

Speaking Topics

  • Team Building
  • Overt Benefit, Reason to Believe, Dramatic Difference
  • Eliminating De-Motivation
  • Having Great Meetings
  • The Secrets to Getting Sales by 5 pm
  • Sales and Dating: The Same Rules Apply
  • Mastering Your 10 Second Pitch
  • Un-Selling
  • Cold Calls, Callbacks, and Lead Optimization
  • How to Eliminate Your Competitor 
  • Getting Past the Gatekeeper
  • Asking Questions That Sell
  • Social Media: Branding
  • High Touch Customer Service

Speaking Samples

Erik – Starting Up a Business – Great Day SA

Sales and Dating: The Same Rules Apply

Selling doesn’t end at the office. Ever tried picking up someone at a bar?

The Secrets to Getting Sales by 5 pm

Learn the latest data proven techniques on what sells a product or service with greatest success.


How to stop irritating people. One of our most popular sales training workshops.

Mastering Your 10 Second Pitch

Tell people what you do and how it benefits them.

On Erik’s presentation…

“Informative, engaging, people needed to participate and actually think–gotta love it.”

-Art Snow, The Watermark Group

“Great personality- clear, concise directives, vision promoting ideas and a great sense of humor –GREAT JOB –THANK YOU.”
[Glass Doctor employee comment after presentation.]

“Thank you for presenting your seminar at the TSA 50th annual convention in Austin.  Your presentation was great and the attendees learned a great deal.”

-Marcie Funchess, Executive Director, Texas Sign Association