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TMI Teardrop

Campaign Launches at TMI

One of our clients is TMI-The Episcopal School of Texas. We were recently presented with an opportunity to answer a common question that parents, faculty, staff and students have asked. Why would a parent put their high school child in an on-campus program? We started interviewing the students, and it was their answers that SOLD […]

Core Values

Core Values

Core values serve the purpose of defining who we hire, fire, promote, de-mote, etc. They are behaviors and tell your employees, managers, and leaders how to behave. When we are unsure about what next steps to take, looking to our core values leads us in the right path. A few of ours are: • Always […]

De-Motivators Beware!

So lately we’ve talked a lot about de-motivation. It can knock a sales person off their natural sales high and take a CEO from confident to wanting to leave and sell out from the company.  It comes from all angles.  It happens when your payment comes a month late, your commission check is in question […]

People Talk

Employers have tried to control what you cannot talk about for years, but what about giving you something to talk about? People, bosses, employees and friends are going to talk! What if you could give them something to talk about versus let them assume or find something that could be negative. Here’s a great opportunity […]