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Focus - Pixar vs GM

Focus – Pixar vs GM

This weekend, Pixar took top honors at the box office with Up, smacking about $70 million dollars out of our pockets and tickling the cranky critics. At the same time, GM is approaching bankruptcy and, if it clears, will be the third largest in the history of this country. Why bother mentioning both of these […]


Your Wife Is Hot – Part 2!

Interested in using “Your Wife is Hot” in any form of advertising?  Do you see this phrase being used outside of Dallas?  Click here. The number one question I get all the time regarding the “Your Wife is Hot” billboard article, is “did someone from Jon Wayne company ever call you?”  The answer is still no.  I have […]


Stand Out!

Many of us are stuck selling something that may not be sexy or new.  When you are in these types of businesses or starting a new business, it is easy to look around and do the same thing that everyone else is doing.  It feels smart and safe and it can be scary to stick […]