Why Erik Darmstetter? 20+ Years of Sales and Marketing Experience

Erik and his team spend time, effort and money learning from the top thought leaders in the world about what actions, behaviors, and tools work successfully THIS YEAR. He knows what issues and questions are being raised by employees and CEO’s. Using the top tools to manage growth, Erik spends 150 hours+ per year learning what you need to know to dominate your marketing and maintain or achieve success.

Erik Darmstetter, Business Growth Expert

Erik Darmstetter, Business Growth Expert

  • Successful CEO & Entrepreneur: He has built 9 businesses and helped hundreds of others grow
  • Marketing and Sales Messaging Expert: Brand Manager on campaigns for the San Antonio Spurs, NCAA Final Four, Rotary International Convention, and The Pan American Games.
  • Sales and Marketing Speaker, Coach, Author
  • Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Certified Coach
  • Eureka! Winning Ways Certified Coach
  • Largest increase in sales for a client: 10,833% ROI

Erik Darmstetter delivers powerful messages with tools that motivate positive change in people’s lives, both at work and at home. With 24 years of building, growing, and branding businesses, Erik uses his experience, humor, and enthusiasm to address sales, relationships,  and leadership.

Erik regularly customizes his presentations for different companies and audiences.  He interacts with people while he speaks, using casual humor and thought provoking ideas to keep his message relevant. He doesn’t just express ideas- he delivers tools and behaviors people can use immediately.

Erik’s speaking topics focus on one main idea- the ability to sell (create trust) or un-sell (destroy trust) in interactions, behaviors, and purchases. Every speaking engagement is customized to the listener or audience. The message is not about Erik- it’s about how he can help you.